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“My experience with Bear Financial Group has been entirely positive from the outset. The account setup process went quickly and smoothly. All of my queries have been responded to immediately. Keith keeps me informed at all times about trading events and circumstances. This level of full transparency provides a great degree of comfort. Furthermore, the results have been impressive, to date I am achieving around 4% per week. Each day as I see more profits being achieved my confidence in this system grows. I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to a profitable future with Bear Financial Group.”SF

"I have been trying to find  someone who could  trade on Forex for me and has had experience doing this.Keith was very positive and enthusiastic , so I decided to join him. His  careful   approach ,reduced  risks, retain capital is what I am after. Keith’s support and service has been excellent , so far trading results have been very good , above my expectations." RL

Forex trading has proven to offer significant returns above benchmarks provided you have the knowledge and experience*. 

This is where the Bear Financial Group can help you. 

We have the experience, tools and commitment to deliver well above average returns for your spare investment capital without you having to do a thing!. You can piggy back off our trading accounts and receive the exact returns we are gaining. There are no upfront fees, lock in contracts or handing any money to us. It's designed as a  win/win model that provides major incentive for us to deliver the results.


  • Proprietary IP produces consistent, long term, above average results
  • Well above average returns with limited and defined initial risk
  • Unique model uses targeted, high probability trades with limited risk on each trade
  • Rising capital guarantee aiming to make investment 100% 'risk free' within months*
  • No fees (profit share only)
  • No lock in contracts (performance based model)
  • Maximum of 10 clients in initial uptake 
  • Expected to be filled by end of APRIL 2020
In short, it's a great way to diversify your investment strategies

Get your detailed Product Information Report now which will explain everything you need to know to get started. 

We are gathering a small group of dedicated investors who have a desire to achieve well above average returns on some of their investment capital.

Request your detailed PRODUCT INFORMATION REPORT here

This is NO OBLIGATION request. The report will cover all aspects of how this works and how easy it is to get started. Remember, this offer will close once our 10 client limit has been reached.

This product and business model is new and unique to take advantage of the latest technology and business opportunities. It has been designed for the investor who requires above average returns, regular - without the high risk normally associated with fx market trading.*

Please note that all information on this offer, either direct or inferred, is subject to this disclaimer.

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